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Dealership franchise opportunities in India have witnessed an immense uproar in the past few years as an increased number of companies are on a lookout to market their products and services in an efficient manner 

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


In today’s market every now and then, there are brand new vehicles been launched, therefore automotive franchise opportunities in India is a booming sector. 

109 Live Opportunities + 1910 Business Investors


Salon and spa franchises are the need of the hour, for the fact that women in today’s time are at par with men be it in business or the corporates or any given field 

120 Live Opportunities + 1579 Business Investors

Car Rental

Dealership franchise opportunities in India have witnessed an immense uproar in the past few years as an increased number of companies are on a lookout to market their products and services in an efficient manner.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

Customer Services

Dealership franchise opportunities in India have witnessed an immense uproar in the past few years as an increased number of companies are on a lookout to market their products and services in an efficient manner

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


Business opportunities in the educational field are now emerging as a ‘diamond’ in the global business market. With the top education brands choosing to take the franchising route for their expansion

645 Live Opportunities + 2971 Business Investors

Online Shopping

Online shopping has revolutionized the way consumers purchase goods and services, offering unparalleled convenience and variety.  compare prices, read reviews, and This digital marketplace operates 24/7, making it possible for people to shop

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


The real estate industry in the country is on a positive note, the real estate sector is likely to touch a US$ 1 Trillion by the year 2030 in the country, which proves that the market is great to be explored from

41 Live Opportunities + 528 Business Investors

Foot Wear

Footwear plays a vital role in our daily lives, From practical and functional designs like sneakers and boots to fashionable and elegant choices such as heels and loafers, ensuring optimal performance and support

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


Hospitals are vital institutions in any community, serving as the cornerstone of healthcare systems. They provide a wide range of medical services, from emergency care and surgeries to specialized treatments and routine check-ups. Beyond medical care, hospitals also offer support services such as counseling, rehabilitation, and palliative care, ensuring holistic patient care.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

IT Services

IT services encompass a broad range of offerings aimed at managing, maintaining, and optimizing information technology systems and infrastructure to support the needs of businesses and organizations. These services include network administration, cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, data management, technical support, and more.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

Online Coaching

Online coaching has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering individuals the opportunity to receive personalized guidance and support from experts in various fields without the constraints of location or scheduling. Whether it’s fitness training, academic tutoring, career counseling, or personal development platforms connect clients with qualified coaches through video tutorials, and interactive tools.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

Online Marketing

Online marketing, also known as digital marketing, encompasses all efforts to promote products or services using digital channels and technologies. It includes a wide range of tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. The

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


Stationery is a collection of writing materials, office supplies, and paper products that are essential for various tasks, from jotting down notes to formal correspondence. This category typically includes items such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers,

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

Tour & Travel

Embarking on a journey of exploration and discovery, tour and travel enthusiasts immerse themselves in the diverse tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and experiences our world has to offer. From the majestic peaks of the Himalayas to the serene beaches of the Caribbean, each destination holds its own allure, beckoning travelers to delve into new adventures and create lasting memories.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors

Toys & Gifts

Toys and gifts encompass a vast array of products, catering to the diverse interests and ages of recipients. From classic board games that encourage family bonding to cutting-edge tech gadgets that spark curiosity and creativity, the world of toys and gifts offers something for everyone.

223 Live Opportunities + 7869 Business Investors


Cleaning plays a very important role not only at homes but also at corporate levels then cleaning franchise is what you need. Cleaning service is not bound to homes but there are companies that provide only corporate …

52 Live Opportunities + 560 Business Investors


The lifestyle of people is been changing over time and kids, as well as adults, have been hooked to their smartphone which has reduced outdoor activities to its minimal size. Therefore, investing in sporting activities …

9 Live Opportunities + 108 Business Investors

Women Ethnic Fashion

Women’s ethnic fashion is a vibrant tapestry woven with tradition, elegance, and contemporary flair. From the resplendent hues of sarees to the intricate embroidery of salwar kameez, ethnic fashion embodies the rich cultural heritage of various regions

148 Live Opportunities + 5509 Business Investors

Work From Home

The home-based franchises for moms are one of the latest franchise opportunities in India, highly explored as a franchise form of business. There are a lot …

22 Live Opportunities + 1284 Business Investors

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D-98, sector 63,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India
D-98, sector 63,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India
D-98, sector 63,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India

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